Well-meaning solo dad Herman has four great loves in his life – his children Junior and Leilani, his Aunty, rugby and steak and cheese pies. Not always in that order. Herman was studying to become a pastry chef with aspirations to one day start his own business, but when his partner left he put that aside to find a job. Now, as a freelance chauffeur (taxi driver) he fits his work around his kids. Unfortunately Herman has an expensive blind spot. He can’t say no. Salespeople have taken advantage of him in the past, convincing him to buy things he doesn’t really need. He needs help to think through his financial decisions, and that’s where Aunty comes in.

Favourite colour: Sky blue
Favourite food: Steak and cheese pie
Favourite movie: Anchorman


With a 35-year career as one of Manukau’s sharpest legal operators, Aunty is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. Armed with a quick wit and passion for consumer rights, she continues to put her experience to good use by volunteering at the local community law centre. When it’s raining, that is. After Herman’s partner left him with the kids, Aunty showed her softer side by moving in to help out while he finds his feet again. Aside from her family Aunty’s greatest love in life is musicals, and it was after watching Sweeney Todd that she developed an insatiable crush on Johnny Depp.

Favourite colour: Magenta
Favourite food: Kingfish sashimi
Favourite movie: Sound of Music

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Of all his achievements, benching 180kg in his local Mangere gym would have once rated as Marcus’ finest. But that was a year ago, when life was all about winning. Aggressively. These days, Marcus prefers yoga and pilates to keep him in peak condition, and his softer outlook has helped him eradicate the hard sell from his repertoire as a money lender. Where in the past any business was good business, he now wants to do the right thing by his clients and make sure they think through their decisions.

Favourite colour: Ruby red
Favourite food: Rotisserie chicken
Favourite movie: Rocky II


Chip runs a repossession agency, and loves it. He should have retired 7 years ago, but he takes pride in his gentle approach to confiscating other people’s property. Without him, he fears the job would only be filled by a rougher crowd. Married for 50 years, with three kids and 10 grandchildren, he barely gets the time to partake in his favourite pastime – chasing flounder in the mudflats. But at his age, it’s getting harder to catch them anyway.

Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite food: His wife’s Mac’n Cheese
Favourite movie: Gone with the Wind